Dover (Massachusetts) locates its cane!

Elisha Lee, President of the Dover Historical Society, informed us that Dover’s cane was recently discovered in an antique shop and was recovered by members of their Historical Society.   Where the cane has been will continue to be an ongoing research project.

Dover’s cane is known to have been originally presented to Asa Talbot, a dairy farmer, cabinet maker, and nine term Selectman born in Sharon on April 15, 1816. Mr. Talbot died in Dover on October 21, 1910 in his 94th year.

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  1. I am contacting you from the Pembroke Public Library, where we have one of the Boston Post Canes on display. The cane was presented to Joseph Lanzilotta at some point I believe in 2010. It was recently brought to our attention that Mr. Lanzilotta passed away in January of 2012. The obituary may be found online at I thought that you may wish to use this information to update your site.

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