End of year updates

Due to an exceptionally busy Fall, I fell behind with the updates from mid-October.  They are all now in their place and we’re just shy of 320 towns.

I appreciate all the updates, corrections and stories that come our way.  We share them all.

Happy Holidays from the Maynard Historical Society


  1. Hello,

    Just a brief update. The current Boston Post Cane holder for Salisbury, NH is Harriett Lucia. Our next Old Home Day event is Saturday, August 13, where she will ride in the parade.

    Also, I own an engraving shop in Concord, NH called Saymore Trophy and I would like to offer free engraving on the replica canes, for they often do not have the town listed on the cane. I can be reached at sales@saymoretrophy.com, or by phone at 603-225-2761


    Gregory Slossar
    Salisbury, NH Old Home Day Committee

  2. Would you be in possession of any information on, Windham, NH, and if a cane was given to this town??

    Thank you
    Frank Farmer

  3. Hi,
    I sent you an update on our new Lunenburg MA Boston Post Cane holder Thelma Katkin, did you recieve it?

    If not Thelma is 100 years old and will be receiving the Boston Post Cane at the Eagle House Senior Center on November 21, 2012.

  4. The Town of Fremont, NH presented the Boston Post Cane to Cecelia O’Connell, aged 93 at a Town Hall Ceremony on August 2nd 2012. Cecelia was also given a Certificate honoring her as the towns’ recipient of the Boston Post Cane which is kept on display at the Fremont Town Hall. Cecelia has lived in Fremont since 1955 and succeeded Post Cane Holder Lillian Pratt aged 95 who held the Cane from 2009 until her death on October 2nd, 2011.

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