2012 wrapup – we passed 400 towns!

I just finished the updates for 2012 and was thrilled to discover that somewhere in the past few months we passed the 400 mark of towns that we have updates from (we crossed 300 towns back in 2010) — we’re currently at 411 towns.

This would not be possible without the contributions from so many people, but in particular I have to tip my hat to Steve Hoffman who continues to provide me with a steady heartbeat of news reports.   Thanks Steve!

Dozens of other contributors from town officials, historical society members, and proud family members help provide updates and some have dug deep into their town’s history and shared it with us.   Fantastic.

Please continue to send in your updates.  I know I don’t update this site as often as you or I wish, but we are committed to telling this continuing story.

Dave Griffin


  1. Grandmother was born 6/6/6
    She will be 107 next week. She currently lives in freeport and was born in bar harbor.

  2. Dave,

    This coming Saturday, Sept.21, the Tewksbury Historical Society will be presenting the actual Boston Post Cane to Anna Ippolitto at the Tewksbury Library at 10:00am. As you mentioned in your Tewksbury article, the replica cane was presnted back in April. This will be a ceremonial presentation of the actual cane so that Anna can hold the real cane and see her name plate mounted on the plaque, where she will be part of our history forever. If you are available on Saturday, please join us for the presentation.


    Ken Mouser

    Tewksbury Historical Society

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