2014 Wrapup

I just completed the end-of-the-year edit of the site, updating dozens of towns and adding a bunch since the last major update in April.   I continue to hope that I will be able to provide more frequent updates in the future, but regardless of my tardiness the history of the canes continues to be written and expanded with the help of so many of you who have written in (both this past year and for so many years before).

Here’s how we’re doing as of December 2014:

  • Maine: we have updates on 196 of them.
  • Massachusetts: we have updates on 137 of them.
  • New Hampshire: we have updates on 109 of them.
  • Rhode Island: we have updates on 16 of them.

With checkins from 458 towns we are now past the 65% mark to finding what’s happening with all 700 canes.  (And that doesn’t include 1 update from Florida, Massachusetts – which we don’t believe received a cane – but started the tradition 100 years later anyways!)


  1. I am sorry that I missed December’s changes. I realize that you only do it a couple of times a year.
    Chester NH has a new post cane holder. Her name is Miriam O’Brian.

    Thank you for doing this. I see how time consuming it is but so important to the holders and families.

  2. I notice Bedford MA, is not on your list! Bedford’s cane resides in a shadow box here at the Bedford COA!

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