Contributing updates

Our main source of updates about the canes is from folks like you, so if you have an update or inquiry on a cane, please use the form below.

I ask that you include two important bits of information in any email:

  1. The TOWN and STATE where the recipient is being presented the cane (or news about the cane).  I haven’t memorized all the the hundreds of towns where the canes were sent, and some towns have the same name across states.  It’ll save me a lot of time if you let me know which state you are talking about.  (The form has fields for this information.)
  2. The FULL NAME of the person receiving the cane, and (if possible) their date of birth (or age).  I have received several submissions that say “my grandmother received the cane” – but never mentions the grandmother’s name!

We really enjoy more details about the person and the ceremony – so please include them if you have anything to share.  It makes the building of this historical record much richer for all.

I normally cite the name (no emails) of contributors.  Please let me know if you do not want your name tied to the update.

We can easily accommodate photographs and PDF copies of articles, so please feel free to include them with your submissions (or provide links to them).    If the form is awkward for you, please feel free to send your updates to

THANK YOU for helping us continue recording a uniquely New England tradition.